Our newest painting

None for now, the newest painting is still in idea stage

How it started?

My love for savouring tea moments and admiring packaging aesthetics inspired me to create
something truly special. Crafting intricately decorated tea boxes was my way of adding an
extra touch of beauty to these cherished moments, making each tea experience more
delightful. Driven by the challenge of mastering diverse artistic techniques, I saw decoupage
as an intriguing frontier. Its intricacies and the potential to create visually captivating patterns
on tea boxes drew me in.

It was an exciting challenge to delve into this craft and unleash my creativity.

Featured collection

Decorating bottles was a natural progression in my artistic journey. I envisioned these bottles
as more than mere containers, but as pieces of art that could enhance and personalise living
spaces. I aimed to bring a touch of creativity into homes through these unique decor items."
The idea of creating personalised gifts is also very interesting to me. Decorating bottles
through techniques like decoupage allowed me to craft one-of-a-kind gifts. Each adorned
bottle became a heartfelt gesture, personalised and cherished by the recipient.

  • How to ordern them?

    You can order them by going to the custom orders Tab or just by clicking Create now button

  • Occasions

    The yare perfect for any occasion crismas birthday or a weding.

  • We can make them!

    We can make a custom mystery present for you!