Nice to meet you!

I’m an accountant who fell in love with painting and embellishing eight years ago. I
uncovered a whole new world beyond numbers, exploring vibrant colours and intricate
patterns. The name MILA P.V stems from parts of my name and surname, illustrating the
personal nature of my creations.
My journey as an artist reflects how an analytical mind and a creative spirit can collaborate,
crafting something extraordinary with every brushstroke. With each artwork I create, whether
it's an oil painting or a delicately embellished item, I aim to evoke emotions and spark joy in
those who encounter my pieces.
My dream is to travel the world, capturing its beauty through my paintings, one stroke at a
time. When you choose a piece from MILA P.V's collection, you're not just acquiring art,
you're supporting an artist's aspiration and celebrating the journey where dedication and
enthusiasm transform into timeless creations. With every acquisition from MILA P.V's
collection, patrons become a part of my journey.

My education

2015 - 2017 Olga Jevsejeva painting classes
2004 - 2006 Transport and Telecommunication Institute Master Degree in Managament
2001 - 2002 State University of Latvia Professional Diploma– Economist Accountant
1993 - 1995 Railway Technical College Professional Diploma- Specific field Economist
1988 - 1993 Riga Technical University Master Degree in Mechanic
1988 - 1993 Riga Technical University Bachelor Degree in Mechanic

Exhibitions my art was featured in :
2016 gallery Bi Art- Rīga “Latgales rūdens”


Our mision

Empowering your living spaces with inspiration and elevating the mood of your home, our mission at MilaFamilyArt is to infuse joy into your life. We believe in curating an ambiance that transcends mere décor, turning every space into a source of inspiration and delight. Welcome to a world where your surroundings are a reflection of joy and comfort.


Inspiring the surroundings

Our paintings go beyond being mere centerpieces for your home; they unfold captivating stories. Each piece is not just art but a narrative, a tale of its creation. Delve into the enchanting backstories behind our paintings, adding an extra layer of intrigue and meaning to the beauty they bring to your space.


Our pride

We take pride in the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into every creation. Our dedicated team of skilled artisans meticulously handcrafts each piece, ensuring unparalleled quality and attention to detail. Explore the essence of true craftsmanship as we unveil the unique journey behind each creation. From concept to completion, our commitment to excellence shines through, making every piece a testament to our passion for creating truly exceptional art for your home.


The appeal of MILA P.V's creations lies in their individuality and the artist's dedication
to infusing each piece with unique creativity, making them stand out among the
myriad of mass-produced artworks available.