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Harmony of Vibrations 2023

Harmony of Vibrations 2023

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Volumetric decoupage, plastic, glue,modelling clay, string, putty material, varnish, acrylic paint
Height/Width/Depth : 40 x 50 x 1 (cm)
There's a strong link to the Earth's core, portrayed through the arrangement in a circular pattern. This circular shape acts like a doorway to tap into the very core energy of our planet, reminding us of our close bond with nature.

Negative emotions such as fear, hatred, and resentment are depicted as pulling one into lower vibrational states, leading to the attraction of corresponding events in life. Conversely, the artwork hints at the potential for personal transformation by raising one's emotions.

Ultimately, this mixed technique piece acts as a visual testament to the profound connection between humanity and the Earth's core resonance, inviting viewers to explore the transformation of consciousness and the quest for harmony.
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