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Patchwork Wanderlust Tea box 2023

Patchwork Wanderlust Tea box 2023

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Height/Width/Depth : 8 x 20 x 15 cm
Volumetric decoupage, wood box, napkin

Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived a dog named Patchy. He was the most loyal friend to all the villagers. But one day, Patchy learned that there were many interesting adventures and new friends in the city. He decided to set out on a journey and discover what real city life was like. Gathering his things and bidding farewell to his friends, Patchy set off on the road.

The first days of the journey were extraordinarily difficult: rain poured down relentlessly, the road was muddy and slippery. But Patchy didn't give up; he kept moving forward, driven by the thought of new adventures. Gradually, the rain ceased, and the road became more pleasant. Along his way, Patchy encountered various animals: rabbits, birds, and even other dogs. They shared their stories and helped Patchy navigate the road.

When Patchy finally reached the city, he was amazed by its towering buildings, noise, and hustle. The city had countless streets and intersections, and Patchy had to use all his cleverness not to get lost. He noticed that in the city, everyone was very busy and always rushing somewhere.

Patchy found new friends among the other dogs living in the city. They spent time together, played in parks, and explored new places. After some time, Patchy realised that although the city was interesting and full of adventures, his heart would always belong to the village. He felt a strong desire to return and share his stories with his friends.

So, Patchy headed back to the village, once again passing through rainy fields and forests. When he returned, his friends were happy to see him and listen to his tales of the city. Patchy understood that true adventure is not just in new places but also in sharing stories and experiences with others.
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